Saturday, March 31, 2029


Hello Muppet fans!

Welcome to an adventure over 30 years in the making!

I was blessed to grow up during the absolute GREATEST time to be a kid! The 1970's. Experiencing the infancy of the great Muppet's we know and love today. Able to anticipate and see live each and every Muppet Show episode as it aired.

It was during those years that i developed an obsession that still burns in my veins on a daily basis. My love of all things Muppet!

It is this obsession that has driven me and a group of my talented friends to pursue this project. We want to create our very own Muppet Show episode with me (Crazy Chris) as the host of the show. We will not only feature classic skits but also some new unique material .

How are we going to accomplish this you ask?

Well first, over 2 years ago we painstakingly toiled over the creation of an audio track using show clips and our own recorded audio all blended together with audio mixing magic!

Secondly we have begun the process of building and recreating each and every muppet puppet , prop and set needed for this project. We expect it will take us the better part of two years to complete and we want to bring you all along for the ride!

Over the course of the next few months i will be posting periodical updates on our progress. With behind the scenes stories and photographs of all the action. Please pass the word to every Muppet fan you know!!

Stay tuned!!


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