Sunday, February 3, 2013


Work continues on our backgrounds!

The dressing room has proven to be the hardest task so far!! finding any shots without a guest star smack dab in the middle of the shot is near impossible... so ive composited shots from multiple episodes to create this!

This can serve as stage right or left by simply flipping the photo

The band stand was quite a task as well! Every shot has members of the Electric Mayhem in it, so you are forced to composited visable portions and try to create something seamless. It will no doubt look better with the drum kit and characters superimposed in post production. But for now, it's all we have!

 The piano was a huge challenge! Rowlf is notoriously always seated at his prized instrument and normally has his furry little paws laying on the keys. But i have managed to come up with a few angles for some panning shots.

And last but certainly not least. My favorite so far! This is actually composited from about 3 different shots and colorized matching curtains added in order to maintain the original aspects integrity. The iconic podium of our dear friend Sam the eagle!

Ya really have to use your imagination with some of these to see how the finished product might look! Hopefully you will be forgiving and understand our limitations when you see the project finished!


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